Jan. 30th, 2008

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...is that (at about 10:30) yesterday, after stopping for the red light at University and 23rd I was rear-ended by another driver.
I don't know if the other driver tried to stop (I didn't hear any screeching), but thankfully no one was in front of me at the time since I was the first car. It was hard enough to push the car forward about a foot- and i'm pretty rattled over it. After putting the car in park, I got out to take a look at the damage. The other car had one of those stupid dealer ad plates on the front, and the impact of the plate (bolts and all) basically branded my rear bumper. By this time the other driver (a woman) and her passenger had gotten out of the car to look at the damage (their car had no damage that I could see). I go back to my car and start collecting my information, get my information, go back out to look at the back of my car. Meanwhile these people are just standing there.

Honestly, thinking about it now I think they expected me to just drive away because the girl that had been driving just smiled and stood there not responding when I said I would need her information.

After that I went to call the cops, but it quickly became a moot point since one showed up before I could say much over the phone. He asked if it was an accident, then parked behind us on the road and went to the driver that hit me to ask her about the accident. He asked her why she didn't stop, and she told him in broken English* that she didn't see me. That was about all I could make out while we were on university before the traffic started to pass us again. After a few minutes, he told us to pull into the Walgreens parking lot nearby.

So we pull into the Walgreens. I wait next to my car, information in hand. The officer parks, then goes to the other driver first. Asks her name. Asks for the insurance on the car, the registration, and license. There is some confusion regarding the insurance and the registration, because it's not her car. He finally gets her information, then comes over to me and asks for my license, registration and proof on insurance.

Me: (give the information to the cop)

Cop: (looking at my license) What is this? What is this yellow background? What does this E mean?

Me: It's an old license. I renew it by mail. The renewal is on the back.

Cop: Is this you?

Me: Yes, it is.

Cop: Were you wearing a seatbelt?

Me: Yes.

Cop: Were you stopped at the red light?

Me: Yes, I was at a full stop at the red light.

Then he goes off to his car with my information and the other drivers information.
For the next 40 minutes, I get to stand next to my car, listening to this girl talk to her friend on her cellphone (in Spanish) about the accident. Saying that nothing is wrong with my car, and that i'm a stupid bitch, etc. etc. and she doesn't think any of this should be happening. Her passenger, meanwhile, keeps walking between both cars. At this point in time i'm just staying quiet because it's just me here, I really don't want to add anymore crap to this whole ordeal by saying something to this woman, and I am still really, really shaky. Eventually, the cop gets out of his car. He goes over to the other driver, gives her back her paperwork, along with the card containing the report #. Tells her my information (name, insurance provider, policy #) is on there. Then he walks over to the front of my car (I am standing next to the driver's side) and stops.

Cop: Now before I give this do you want to go get some repair estimates and give them to her?

Me: I am going to be calling my insurance agent and reporting the accident, and I want my dealer to look at the car.

Cop: You're not listening to me. Before you contact your insurance do you want to get estimates and give them to her so you two can work it out.

Me: I really feel more comfortable contacting my dealer and agent-

Cop: All they're going to do it patch your bumper and repaint it. Do you want to give her estimates and work with her?

Other driver (smiling, again): I'll pay.

Me: I would really like to speak with my dealer and agent-

Cop: Ok, you are refusing to answer my question. On this card is the report number, her name her insurance, and the policy number.

Then he left. That's about when I just got in my car, locked the doors and just sat there trying to calm down and failing miserably. I managed to contact my family at this point, to tell them what had happened. I did not leave the parking lot until I was pretty sure the cop and the other driver weren't around. I headed straight to my mom's since it was an easier place for everyone to reach. Got to her house, wrote down the whole, crappy event on my phone in a note so I would have it later. Contacted work. Contacted my insurance- and found out I have two options: file with the other driver's insurance and do all the legwork myself (and no claim appears on my insurance), or go through my insurance, have the claim appear on my record, they use my deductible but handle everything and go after the other driver's insurance company for the cash and -maybe- i'll see my deductible back.

Pretty much the rest of the day went like this: take photos of the damage to the car, go vote (which was what I was driving to do at the time of the accident), eat something finally, stop in at work (where everyone echoed the same thing told to me by family, ie: GO TO THE ER NOW AND GET CHECKED!).

Which is where I wrote my last post. I waited about three hours before they took me into the minor care (Which should really be called the Band-Aid ward, since they have little funny anthropomorphic band-aids on every other wall leading up to and into the place) ward for the x-rays. Between x-rays, and watching Dirty Jobs, followed by Cash Cab while waiting for the results and discharge papers it was pretty quick once I was in there. The x-rays taken didn't find anything, so that was good news. They sent me off with my papers and a script for some pain medicine, for the sore neck.

Since the hospital took my car insurance, medical insurance and DL when they admitted me, I will probably be hearing from my insurance provider. I don't know if that means I only have one option now (my insurance) or if both options are still available. I won't be able to get a copy of the police report for four days, so any other information I would need (beyond what I have on the card the cop gave me)to give the other insurer won't be available till then. Which sucks, but there's not much I can do at the moment. I want to put in a complaint about the cop, but I seriously doubt anything will happen since it's a he said/she said thing.

Anyways, that's the long version. For those of you who called or left a message, thanks. Even though I managed to get some rest, I still feel tired. I still have to call some people back, who called the house asking about me- I just kind of crashed after I got back from getting the pills. So expect to hear from me today, probably after work.

*Spanish speaker, speaking Spanish/English.


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