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Because buying overpriced food outside of the home sucks, and because carrying around an assortment of odds and ends rubber maid/ tupperware/ what have you containers in a plastic bag ends up being unwieldy, at best- I will probably buy one of these over the weekend. Or, *failing* to find one at a local market this weekend, online.
Sadly, Amazon says 4-6 weeks till I can get one from them (which I would, because hey- I have a $25 gift certificate and it would be $18.33 with amazon prime free 2-day). As it is now, I have a stash of dry goods in the desk that do not need to be refrigerated, but they're only good for breakfast, or snacks.

The avocado and grapefruit trees we have been tending to are growing fast- they had a growth spurt after I transfered them to larger containers. Also doing well- the berry tree (gooseberry?) that looked to be on death's door (purchased on sale at Target). A bargain at $7, it's looking happy and healthy in it's pot now. The lettuce, beets, tomatoes and basil I planted one month ago are plugging along. I lost some after a week of particularly sunny, dry weather. Lost all the strawberry seedlings I planted at the same time. Will probably try to grow more again, as soon as I find the time to pick up more seeds. And dirt. Pictures of pot garden this weekend, because i've been meaning to.


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