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    So, at the last moment, and with little to no planning I went to Supercon. It is one of the few comic cons to make its way down here to sunny, not-so-comic con friendly South Florida. I wish I could say that I went for the panels (missed the only one I had an interest in, sadly) or exhibited. The truth is I only went because Dana Snyder, the voice of "Master Shake" from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, was in attendance. And I wanted an sketch/autograph and photo. So I went.

(One of the small pockets of clear space at the con.)

    That I knew a number of other people going to the con certainly made it more enjoyable. I got to chat with friends, we oogled comics (and all manner of comics related stuff), we marveled at the sardine-can atmosphere. That I knew the person responsible for the con (which I only discovered after having been told by [livejournal.com profile] coldecho)was a little weird. But it did explain why the place was a clusterfuck as far as logistics. And i'm not saying this because I like to say mean things. There were many people at the con- way more than the place looked capable of holding. Having the check-in, ticket sales, and con entrance at the center of a t-intersection also does not help. Reducing foot traffic space by putting large booths for the local radio station, and a major local comic shop (along with four other booths in the area with the heaviest foot traffic) only makes things worse.

Anyways, enough crabbiness. Photos:

Sketch/autograph thing in progress.

Yes, I know how silly I look, and I don't care.

Totally forgot to bring a dvd for him to sign, but i'm kind of glad it worked out that way. I plan on framing the sketch/autograph, and possibly including the two photos with it when I find a nice frame- I can always cut the matting myself. May post it when it's done, if I remember.

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